Rant On Chivalry

I interject your entertainment of dating fools with a rant.  I apologize in advance, but something must be said!  This applies to all aspects of life, not just dating. 

As women, we tend to lean on the side of chivalry being dead… gone… kaputs.  Whenever this point is brought to the attention of a man, they see it as when they try to be chivalrous, it’s thrown in their face by female independence. 

I can see where the men are coming from in regards to all this independence stuff but gentlemen, you still need to out some effort in.  Open the door and let us walk in first; open the car door for us, then walk around and let yourself in; let us have he last empty seat on the subway; buy us flowers, I don’t care if they are dandelions from your apartment buildings wannabe-garden.  The dictionary states: chivalry is the qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women.  KNIGHTS for cryin’ out loud!  Men with far less intelligence were able to figure this out.  Also, another news flash for the men, women are more likely to get with you if you have something to offer.  Showing a girl you can be her knight in shining armor–this does not mean show up on a white horse–can really get you far.  And if a girl were to SEE you treating other random women (holding the door open for a complete stranger), well this just makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.


Ladies, I am ALL about independence and not having to rely on anyone else, but this is a just in case scenario.  For example, I am only 5’1″ so things that are in high up cabinets can be difficult to reach.  Sure, I can totally climb on the counter and get it myself, but a man needs and wants to feel important and that he matters and something as little as helping me reach something on an out of reach shelf does that.  It makes him feel manly–go figure.  another thing is to let him open your beer or soda.  I know you can do it, he probably knows you can do it, but it allows him to “rescue” you and be the knight you wanted.

Overall: Guys, you need to put way more effort in on this stuff.  chivalry is not dead, it’s just hibernating and it needs to be awaken like asap.  And Ladies, if your man is putting effort in with something like chivalry, you need to recognize it and be grateful for it.  Do not take each other for granted.  Or chivalry! Don’t take chivalry for granted.

…End of Rant


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